A Light in the Dark: Helping People Communicate Across Languages in a Pandemic

From day one, Transifex was built with a mission to break down language barriers by making localization accessible to everyone. Today, this is more vital than ever as the world faces the COVID-19 global pandemic.

Communicating During a Global Crisis

The spread of COVID-19 is impacting people, teams, businesses, and communities around the world. This pandemic is causing a dynamic shift in the way that teams work, and successfully navigating this time of change requires clearer communication than ever before.

In fact, a number of our existing customers are already using Transifex to rapidly localize and publish translated content related to COVID-19 in many languages to help their users and communities stay updated and connected during this time of crisis.

Making Transifex Localization Software Available

In light of this unprecedented event, we are returning to our Open Source roots and opening up Transifex to organizations who need it — so that we can all remain connected. We’re offering our localization Starter Plan for 3 months to projects related to COVID-19 and to SMBs across the globe (new organizations only). Just use the code OpenForBusiness20 after you sign up.

In addition, we are joining the Open for Business Hub, where we are participating alongside other technology companies dedicated to enabling remote work during this period, including Google Cloud, Cloudflare, Box, GoToMeeting, Zoho, CISCO Webex, Microsoft Teams, and other vital tools for distributed teams. To learn more about this initiative, visit www.openforbusiness.org.

Loyally Remaining Your Global Partner During This Difficult Period

We remain steadfastly devoted to supporting our customers and community during this difficult time and will continue to actively refine and scale our product to provide you with the best possible localization technology that will help you reach your global audiences faster.

We built Transifex for this very reason — not specifically for a global health emergency such as COVID-19 — but to help businesses connect across teams, markets, and communities in ways that could not have been possible before without localization technology.

To connect with other global teams and localization professionals and discuss how teams are managing cross-language communication during this challenging time around the world, visit and join the Transifex Community.

Original article found on the Transifex blog, written by marketer Lucy Xu.




Transifex helps you automate your localization process and manage translations in one central place.

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Transifex helps you automate your localization process and manage translations in one central place.

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