Collaboration is Key to Successful Localization

  • Why do you have to interrupt your daily work to help explain your own strings? Don’t you have somebody to do that? You’re busy enough as it is trying to finish this feature.
  • How is this stuff not clear? You spent months testing and refining this brand message.
  • How are you supposed to know what that string means? You didn’t write most of this content. Who did write this anyway, and how can I reach that person?

Q&A Drives Quality Translation

Collaborate Efficiently in Transifex

  • Announcements are best for broadcasting information and updates about an entire project. Select “Announcements” from the project menu to create a post that will be shared with all project members.
  • Discussions are used within teams in Transifex. You can select a team on the Teams page and start a discussion for just those team members. You can include all languages or only include members of a certain language when the discussion is not relevant to others.
  • Messages are for communicating among two or more individuals. Similar to your favorite instant messenger app, click on your profile picture in Transifex and select “Messages” from the menu to start a chat.

Looping in the Whole Team using Slack



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