Sketch Plugin: Localization at the Design Stage

Localization is much more than just content translation. Localization requires efficient collaboration among designers, managers, translators, and engineers throughout the process.

Just think of this scenario; The designers prepare the mockups in one language; localization starts, and the design “breaks” in the rest of the languages. You need to go back to your design team and redo the initial designs so that translations fit all targeted languages. That’s why including the product designers in the process from the very beginning is crucial for successful localization.

That’s where the Sketch plugin comes in. Similar to Transifex plugin for Figma, designers who work on Sketch can now preview their assets in different languages without leaving their favorite tool. Added to this, designers can receive feedback from translators and managers when they need it the most — before the designs are final, before the actual development begins.

What are the benefits of the Sketch Plugin

Pushing localization up to the design stage enables designers to spot translation issues early in the process, and adjust their designs, accordingly. In practice, this means faster releases and launch cycles.

Speed Up Workflows

Finalize the mockups in all languages before a single line of code is written. Save engineering time from bug fixing related to localization.

Improve Translation Quality

Automated generated screenshots help translators and copywriters better understand the context, thus improving the translation quality.

Ensure Design doesn’t break the code

Say goodbye to ‘Lorem Ipsum’ placeholders. See how the designs will look with the actual copy in all targeted languages. Fix errors on the spot before the mockups are sent to the development team.

To learn more about Transifex Sketch plugin, visit the documentation. To install the Transifex Sketch plugin, visit GitHub.

Transifex helps you automate your localization process and manage translations in one central place.